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Career and Leadership Coaching For Individuals

"To find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth."
- Pearl S. Buck

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At What's Next, we thrive on working with people one to one to get to the core of why they aren't fully satisfied with their careers. Is it the work? The people? The money? The stunted growth? The passion that isn't there? The vitality that's missing? The call to make a change? Or one of a million other reasons?

By starting out with in-depth personality assessments and open discussions about life experiences and hopes, Sandy Machson, Principal and Founder of What's Next, learns about her clients using her extensive experience as a human resources leader, coach, and human development specialist. Together, Sandy and her clients take what they've learned and work towards building and achieving a set of goals using strategies that make use of exercises, journaling, self-observations, readings, creative pursuits and a myriad of other approaches.

Typically, individuals work with What's Next for three to six months. During this time they incorporate new practices, behaviors and strategies into their lives to make changes and sustain progress.

Coaching is a partnership in which client and coach work very closely to form a common vision and purpose, then shift into goals and action plans. Much of the coaching happens between the sessions. It is up to the client to stay committed to completing the between-session work, to be honest and forthcoming about the results of the work, and to report on the obstacles encountered.

With open and honest communication, and a steadfast commitment to the process, the coaching will be productive and rewarding.

"I left yesterday feeling more hopeful than ever that just being who I am can work out fine." – Elizabeth, age 46


 Discover What's Next

Image 4Early career adults who are trying to make their way in their career or determine what path they should take are good candidates for career or leadership coaching. Mid-career professionals seeking to make a change or working toward advancing in their careers benefit from the experience and guidance of a professional leadership coach. Individuals approaching retirement age who are making decisions about what happens next in retirement find coaching invaluable.

Finding the passion in yourself through a process of self-discovery and analysis will ignite the vitality in your work and will propel you to achieve your personal goals. Finding the right path and being passionate about it will change every area of your life.

Through the process of loving your work, you will:
  • Develop clarity from your core being
  • Learn how your past – both triumphs and disappointments – holds clues to your future
  • Confront your limiting beliefs and habitual actions and reconfigure them to fit into a better future
  • Determine your criteria for happiness in work
  • Honor your intuition, and develop trust in it
  • Plan new goals and build a strategy for reaching them
  • Put your plan into decisive action


Career Satisfaction Coaching

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This type of coaching is perfect for people who are dissatisfied with their current role or employment and aren't sure how to change the situation. If you've ever said, "My boss is making me miserable" or "I'm not doing what I am capable of doing", then you would benefit from the clarity and action planning that comes from career coaching. show more...
Learning to negotiate the work you have, or making a successful leap into something new or more challenging will have a positive impact on every area of your life. By gaining a deeper understanding of who you are, what strategies are available to you and what will give you the most satisfaction, you'll realize there are more options available to you than you originally thought possible.

With Career Satisfaction Coaching, you will:
  • Determine your criteria for being fully engaged in your work
  • Analyze the obvious and not-so-obvious reasons for job satisfaction
  • Develop strategies for increasing your leadership capacity through your value, visibility, and impact in your organization
  • Learn how to manage up, down, and across an organization
  • Identify what can be changed… and what can't
  • Plan new goals and build a strategy for reaching them
  • Learn how to work at your best even in the face of negativity so you can thrive, feel valuable, and make smart decisions.
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Leadership Coaching

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If you are seeking to advance to a leadership role in your organization or are personally motivated to become a more effective leader, and you have not made enough progress toward that goal, then Leadership Coaching is the program to choose. show more...
With Leadership Coaching, you will:
  • Develop strategies for increasing your leadership capacity through your value, visibility and impact in your organization
  • You will increase your emotional intelligence awareness and develop strategies to build your relationship and influence skills.
  • Learn how to set yourself apart as the best candidate for a greater leadership role in your firm.
  • Discover how to work at your best so that you can become more effective leader, delegator, and communicator.
  • Reach a higher level of job satisfaction and achieve the level of success for which you know you have the capacity.
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Entrepreneur's Coaching – Personal Strategies for Small Business Owners

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During the initial assessment, Sandy will help you to gain clarity and insight about where your strengths and gaps lie. You'll learn how your business is affected by your relationship to your work and your relationships with partners, employees, vendors and clients. This clarity will help you to reevaluate such areas as how you spend your time, how and what you delegate to others and how you communicate with the people who matter most to the success of your business. show more...
Ultimately, by understanding yourself, by developing a keen ability to read people, and by implementing new practices into your business and communications, you will find that you're a more effective entrepreneur and leader. And your work will be more personally satisfying and successful.

With Entrepreneur's Coaching, you will:
  • Gain clear insight into how your work style affects your business and your relationships with customers, vendors, and employees.
  • Evaluate how you're spending your time and make necessary changes so that your company can move more directly towards the objectives you've set.
  • Learn how to more effectively delegate, so you can spend your time on tasks that take full advantage of your strengths and skills.
  • Communicate more effectively, so that your team works with you to efficiently and enthusiastically achieve your vision for your enterprise.
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Meet Tricia, age 48, a client at What's Next Coaching and Consulting

Tricia had hit a professional wall. She was a senior marketing professional in a large non-profit. She had deep experience, strategic business intelligence, and a strong sense of caring and collegiality. She also shared her opinions freely. She had become marginalized in her position and undermined by her boss. Clearly, the job and the organizational culture were a mismatch for her talents and personality. Tricia was stressed, demoralized and discouraged.

Tricia set two goals in her coaching plan with What's Next: 1) find a new job and 2) improve her leadership skills while at her current job. In working with What's Next, Tricia developed a results-driven resume and implemented a comprehensive networking plan. In a tough economy, Tricia landed a new job with an increased leadership role at a large non-profit. While she conducted her job search, What's Next provided concrete guidance to augment her leadership and influence skills including diplomacy, patience, emotional self-management and confidence. With this support, Tricia had the skills to manage a toxic work situation so she could successfully leave on her own timetable for a more personally and professionally rewarding position.

Tricia continued to engage What's Next as she moved into her new role. What's Next provided leadership coaching and strategic guidance as Tricia acclimated to and successfully integrated into her new organization.

Meet Michael, age 25, a client at What's Next Coaching and Consulting

"Before I began working with What's Next, I was hesitant to see a career coach. I had an idea in my head that it was going to be like therapy; just the thought of it made me very uneasy. To put myself out there and risk failure was an incredibly hard first step to take but after my first session with Sandy, I just had a good feeling about things.

After working my butt off, trying different strategies and exercises that were both extremely challenging and personally fulfilling, I succeeded in accomplishing my initial career goal that Sandy and I set out to achieve. My new career is challenging and satisfying and I feel a sense of purpose to my work, which before working with Sandy, I literally could only dream of. I undoubtedly owe so much of my success to Sandy and What's Next."


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