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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Coaching?

Coaching is the creation of a partnership between coach and client for the purpose of achieving a goal or set of goals. A coach is a professional who is trained to learn about your needs through actively listening and asking the right questions. Under the expert guidance of that coach, you or your organization can design a unique and flexible program of discovery, study, and action that will lead you to define your goals, and ultimately reach them via a path that is laid out for you after an initial assessment. By developing a common purpose, you and your coach work together as partners in accountability, motivation and commitment. This results in meaningful and often transformational change.

Coaching is not therapy or advice-giving. Quality coaching is designed to provide you with the tools to keep yourself motivated and committed to making and sustaining positive changes in your life, your work, and your organization.

How do I choose a coach?
Deciding to work with a coach is an important investment in crafting your future. There are several important factors to look at before making a final decision. Here are a few to consider carefully:
  • Experience Does the coach have the professional experience to knowledgeably guide you through the process of determining what's best for you, then formulate a solid plan for making it happen? If your request is to change or truly transform your career, look for your coach's relevant experience inside organizations, their training and experience in facilitating change, and their education and skill in understanding psychology and human behavior. Also check out the coach's credentials, education, and affiliations.
  • Philosophy. Does the coach have a philosophy that's a good fit for you? Does it mesh with your own core beliefs and values? A good coach will operate their practice with integrity, transparency, humanity, and an unwavering commitment to your success.
  • Accessibility Is the coach able to meet with you in a way that you're most comfortable with, such as in person, on the phone, or via video-conferencing? Are they available to connect with you outside of regularly scheduled meeting times?
  • Accountability Is everything put in writing, so you know exactly what to expect for your investment? Before starting any coaching protocol, you should always have a written agreement that outlines expectations for you and your coach.
When is the right time for me to hire a personal coach?
Every one of What's Next's coaching clients has unique needs and goals, and only you will know for sure when the right time has arrived.

But if you've had it with your current job, either because you've hit a ceiling, you're in a difficult relationship with co-workers or manager, or you simply don't like the work, it may be time to consult with a coach who can help you to figure out whether you can fix your situation or if it's time to move on to the next chapter in your life. For example:
  • If you would like to do the work that can transform an ordinary job into real professional and personal satisfaction - no matter what life stage or life/work transition, this would be the time to hire a coach.
  • If you are unemployed or under-employed and want to really be seen for the accomplishments you've achieved and the strengths you bring to an organization, hiring a job coach will help you get to that new job more quickly so you are back to getting a paycheck without delay.
  • If you're an executive who's striving to excel in a new role or move up to a role with greater responsibility, working with a professional coach will amplify your strengths and address your difficulties so you can find success faster.
When is the right time for my organization to work with a human resources consultant?
If you've grown and have hired anywhere from five to twenty-five employees, and you don't have a dedicated human resources professional yet, it may be time to reach out to a consultant for help on a project or part-time basis. Common issues such as compliance with labor law, employee policies, performance reviews, hiring and firing, conflict resolution and company-wide communications can be delicate and should have the touch of an experienced professional. Recruiting for mission-critical positions is a specialized skill with strategic business implications, and an HR consultant will help you meet your goals.
Why should I work with What's Next Coaching and Consulting?
Sandy Machson, owner and founder of What's Next Coaching and Consulting, is an expert in the field of human resources with over 25 years of experience. For individuals, this means that she understands firsthand the challenges of growing a meaningful career or business. She will shed light on how to present yourself so a potential employer will understand how valuable you would be to the organization. She can prepare you to be a fully-informed and distinctive candidate for any position you are seeking. She can help you enhance your influence skills within business dealings and partnerships. For organizations, Sandy's expertise means that she'll be able to quickly gain a clear picture of your company's HR needs, and help you navigate the path to exceptional business planning and problem solving.
Are your packages customizable?
The simple answer to this question is "Yes." Every client at What's Next is unique. While our packages have a general structure, each client's need is taken into consideration and we work together to craft the most effective coaching or consulting plan possible.
How do you measure success?
By setting realistic, measurable goals we can easily tell if our clients are making progress toward their ultimate visions. As a client, the transparency of the process will make it evident to you as well. By frequently revisiting our initial set of expectations and goals, we evaluate what's working and what isn't, and adjust our strategies and tactics accordingly.
How do I know if What's Next is the right fit for me or my business?
If you're wondering whether or not What's Next is a good fit for you, just call and ask! Sandy Machson, founder, has over twenty-five years of experience in the field of human resources, coaching and consulting. Based upon your needs, she will help you evaluate whether you could benefit from her services. After you've had your complimentary consultation and received Sandy's proposal for working with you, the decision is ultimately in your hands!
Who is a good referral for coaching?
If you know anyone who fits into the following categories, please let them know about our services!

  • Early career adults who are trying to get traction in their first career, or trying to figure out what their first career should be.
  • Mid-career professionals who feel stuck in a rut or are in a toxic work environment and want to find what's next for them.
  • Mid-career professionals who have been promoted to leadership roles and want help ramping up, or whose objective is to advance further in a leadership role, and have personal, work style or capacity obstacles they would like to overcome.
  • Later career men and women who are considering their next role in life and are looking for something meaningful to try to align their passions, goals, and life balance in the next decade.
  • Anyone who is experiencing any type of challenge in their career and is having trouble overcoming it can benefit from talking with a career coach.
What can I expect from my initial consultation?
The first time you reach out to us, Sandy will spend some time on the phone with you to get a general idea of the challenges you're facing in your career or organization. She'll answer any questions you may still have about the coaching and consulting process, and she will give you a general idea of how coaching or consulting can help you to overcome the obstacles to your complete satisfaction. This call usually lasts around 30 minutes.

Consultations may be conducted in any manner you choose. If you are located in Boston, Sandy can meet you in person. Or if you prefer, consultations can take place over the phone or via a video-conferencing service such as Skype®.
How do I set up my complimentary consultation?
Simply click here to send us a message or call today at 617-462-4805 to pick a time that works for you!


Meet Jane, age 27, a client at What's Next Coaching and Consulting

Jane was working at a job that had lost its luster. She wanted to challenge her intellect while tapping into her creativity, but didn't know where to begin. Should she stick it out at work, or look for a new job? Should she move into another field altogether? At 27, Jane realized that her career was young, and she wanted to give it a strong start. Through her experiences with What's Next, Jane began a tremendous period of growth in her personal life by finding ways to manage her stress and deepen her relationships with family and friends. She changed her lifestyle to incorporate exercise and creative activities. By renewing her energy and focus, her value at work was recognized. In only a few months Jane was offered a promotion to a position in marketing and web development that offered her the opportunity to be creative and grow professionally while challenging her intellect!

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