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Whether you are seeking a 
strategy for your organization or a personal strategy to be successful in your career, a Leadership or 
Executive Coach can guide you to fulfill your goals. What's Next Coaching offers individual coaching in this next phase of your career.

We invite you to contact What's Next Coaching and Consulting for a complimentary consultation or for more information simply call Sandy at 617-462-4805.

Career and Leadership Coach
for Individuals
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It's about how satisfied you are with your career advancement and contributions; how engaged you are, how satisfying the work is and how valuable you feel.

It's about working to your potential. It's about making this next phase of your career both meaningful and successful. It's about finding career and life balance while your grow your career.

It's about making your career goals come alive, advancing your leadership, making a change, sustaining your progress.

It's about being the person you've wanted to be, providing the contributions you've wanted to share, having an impact and influencing outcomes.

It's about being your best self; realizing your dreams.
Leadership Coach for Organizations
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It's not just about the next product or service. It's about helping to grow an organization.

You are an executive with the responsibility for success within your company, and also with the careers of your staff and their impact on the success of the organization.

As you see results in the marketplace, you make new hiring decisions, possibly organizational decisions. Now it's about ensuring that the talent you're hiring and the culture you envision are aligned as your organization grows. 

It's about having an executive coach who understands your vision and will guide you to achieve it; a coach who will help you use your best and most confident self.

It's about your contributions toward realizing the vision for your organization.

If you'd like to be inspired by strategies that guide you or your organization to change, grow, and achieve your vision, we invite you to contact What's Next Coaching and Consulting for a complimentary consultation, or for more information simply call Sandy at 617-462-4805.

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." - Dr. Howard Thurman

What's Next Coaching and Consulting
Inspired Strategies for Meaningful Change

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